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In addition to photography, I love writing. Call it an excuse to use my Art History degree a bit more literally, but I love elaborating on my shoots to give  context and share what’s going on behind the scenes. You’ll find my thoughts on other things too, like my favorite places to shoot in Chicago and around the world, and more of my work you might not see anywhere else. I'll digress into other things I’m passionate or thinking about, but hey, it’s MY blog. There are no rules!

Kristia Hord, Kimberly Blanc, and Patty Joe make for three irresistible Sirens. Before returning to their native waters, we played in the woods of The Dark Side Haunted Adventure before they disappeared into the night to prey on unsuspecting mortals.

The Sirens: Kimberly, Patty, and Krista (2/2)

Despite what you might think about social media at this particular moment, the internet can still be a pretty amazing place to connect with fellow creatives.

A Teeny Taste of Fall Fashion