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In addition to photography, I love writing. Call it an excuse to use my Art History degree a bit more literally, but I love elaborating on my shoots to give  context and share what’s going on behind the scenes. You’ll find my thoughts on other things too, like my favorite places to shoot in Chicago and around the world, and more of my work you might not see anywhere else. I'll digress into other things I’m passionate or thinking about, but hey, it’s MY blog. There are no rules!

Retouching can be a touchy subject. Not everyone is on the same page, and that’s okay! For me, I want you to notice my editing as if I was showing you a constellation in the night sky: you probably won’t find it unless I point directly at it or you already know where it is, […]

Retouching: Basic and High Gloss, Explained

Portrait showing original vs retouched

One afternoon with Luna, and I’m absolutely convinced that baby fever is, indeed, a real thing. How could I not? Do you SEE that FACE? Ever since her unexpectedly grand entrance into this world, Luna’s smile and energy have spread so much joy to her family and friends.

Baby Fever is a Thing

While my relationship status doesn’t hinge on this hardware, I won’t lie: I love a shiny thing. Rings have always been my jewelry of choice, and photographing this one was extra special!

Bling-bling! (We got the ring!)