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Looking for your gallery, or want to see more samples? You’ve come to the right place! Click the button below to access my client gallery page. You'll find my latest shoots, galleries in progress showing preview images, examples of Basic and High Gloss Retouching, and a taste of what your future Client Gallery could look like!

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Have you ever sat and scoured the internet to find a product with the best reviews? Same here. A huge part of growing any business is word of mouth referrals and testimonials! I think it’s so important for my clients to know that they are in good hands when working with me. This is why I love reading and sharing testimonials! You are more than welcome to email me a testimonial privately or you can use this link which will take you directly to my Google business page where you can leave me a review! Thank you so much, you ROCK!

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Frequently asked questions:


How do you download the images?

I’ll deliver your images digitally by sending you a link to your gallery where you can create a list of your favorite images by “hearting” them. Look for the download icon in the top right-hand corner (cloud with the arrow pointing down!) and you’ll have the choice to download all, select folders, or just your list of favorites at once! You can also download each photo individually by selecting your photo and clicking the same icon in the top right-hand corner.


Do you deliver any raw images?

As a general rule, no. For brands with specific copyright and licensing agreements, there may be unique exceptions, but for personal photography, I do not deliver any raw images to my clients.


Where do you recommend printing the images?

I recommend printing your images through the print shop attached directly to your client gallery! It’s super easy and helps support my business as well. If you choose to print elsewhere or don’t see the product you’re looking for, I highly recommend looking up your local print shops and shopping small if you can! 


How do I share My Pictures on social media?

You have two options! You can either share your images directly from your gallery using the share icon (look for the arrow in the top right corner!) or by downloading your images and sharing from your files as you would any other photo. Your choice!


When does my gallery expire?

You have 2 weeks to download your images after delivery and to order prints. After the 2 weeks are up, your gallery will be available for viewing only or archived.


I don’t see my client gallery on your site, where did it go?

With my client’s permission in our contract, I love having my client’s photos open for viewing so they can go back to enjoy them, and so my future clients can see examples of what they can expect! If you don’t see your gallery, it means I’ve archived our shoot. 



No problem! Click here to view my FAQ page.