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Renata Voci


I’m passionate about art and people: photography is where I capture that intersection the best. I do what I do so when you look at your photos, you see a true reflection of who you are and what you’ve accomplished in this moment. I hope you feel true love and appreciation that you took the time to celebrate this version of yourself, or the product of your hard work, so beautifully and intentionally.  Whatever movie your life is, I’m here to shoot that gorgeous B-roll to help tell your story.

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I’m Renata

multipotentialite — INFJ — she/her 

Have you ever regretted someone taking a bomb picture of you? Me neither, can’t relate. But I 100% regret the shots I didn’t take. You know what I’m talking about... those times in your life that, although there was a charm to their ephemerality, looking back you also wish you had some better photographic evidence of it than that one grainy cell phone snap. You’ve got your memories of course but nothing quite does it like a beautiful photography that you can revisit and share with perfect clarity, am I right? That’s where I come in!

"She’s a true collaborator"

"Renata will make you feel so comfortable and at ease with her effervescent love for being behind the camera. She is so generous and genuinely wants to understand your vision. Her photos are bold and impactful, in the best way possible. She’s a true collaborator. I can’t recommend her enough!"


"so  sweet"

"Renata was so sweet when I met her for our shoot together! She is an absolute pleasure to work with but also her work is incredible! Everyone is always talking about how sexy but gorgeous my Vampire pics are and how my Catwoman pics look cinematic!"


"extremely talented"

Renata is an extremely talented photographer and editor. Just tell her your ideas and she will turn them into reality. I did 2 shoots with her; Vampire shoot & Indian Cultural shoot and both turned out to be exceptional. Her photography gear is pretty awesome. Highly recommended.


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Retouching can be a touchy subject. Not everyone is on the same page, and that’s okay! For me, I want you to notice my editing as if I was showing you a constellation in the night sky: you probably won’t find it unless I point directly at it or you already know where it is, and even then you might still miss it among all the stars!

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