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I believe that when passion and obsession come together under the right circumstances and alchemy, art, business, or a product is usually born. That's the origin story of my work, and where my clients and collaborators and I find common ground. I've committed my artistry and organized nature to capturing nuance, telling the stories of the work people dedicate their lives to sharing with the world. Whether I'm behind the camera in the thick of it or behind the scenes producing projects for others, it's all in service of the task and vision at hand.

With a background in Art History, a splash of sales and marketing, and my specific brand of sensitivity and empathy, image making is my language of translating the beauty I see in everything around me in a way that sparks excitement and curiosity while communicating depth and wonder. It's an honor to use my box of tools to help others.

I typically respond within 24-72 hours (but probably sooner!) Tell me about your project, your basic information, and a few other details to get us started.

How to Book

1. Contact me

 We’ll confirm all the details of who, what, when and where in the proposal and contract, and you’ll pay your 50% non-refundable retainer to reserve shoot date(s).

3. Proposal and retainer

 We’ll chat over Zoom or FaceTime (or in person when we can!) to discuss the scope of the project, art direction, locations, licensing, etc.

2. Consultation

Depending on the scope of the project, I may send an additional questionnaire to further nail down the details before our approval call to finalize the shot list.

5. Approval call

We will use a mood board to sync up our visions, expectations, and to set the tone for the shoot. This can include any references from previous shoot (I also love a music reference!)

4. moodboard + inspo

 Expect 2-4 weeks turnaround depending on the season and scope of the shoot; we’ll establish the timeline and feedback schedule in our contract.

7. edit + post production

Let's Shoot

I’ll check in with you before our shoot about weather when applicable, then we’re off to make some magic!

6. shoot day(S)

 It’s time! They’re all yours. Your gallery of assets will be delivered online for digital download. 

8. gallery delivery

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