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My name is Renata, and I’m so happy you’re here. Getting to know your photographer is so important, so here’s a little bit about me: I was born and raised in Chicago, and after living in New Orleans, Bologna (Italy!), New Orleans again, then Houston -- whew! -- I'm settled back in my hometown pursuing what I love.  As a multipotentialite, I have many and varied creative passions and pursuits. Photography is my greatest creative love, but I dabble in other things like digital illustration, writing, and music. Add on playing and watching soccer (go Red Stars!), houseplant nurturing, dog walking, and the million ongoing projects in my brain, I'm one of those people who has no problem keeping myself busy. Ask me what I last had 30 tabs open for, or what album I’m currently listening to for the latest.


Get to Know me

What’s your favorite ice breaker?

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

What is your heritage?

What are a few of your favorite titles?

What was one thing you missed doing during the pandemic?

Favorite shows you’ve watched in the past year?

Are you a dog or cat person?

What is inspiring you right now?

Would you go out to dinner with your clone? Think about it.

Italian-American, cento percento, third generation!  

If I’m not shooting, a perfect Sunday is lazy, sunny, and ends with family dinner.

Jared’s partner, Fran’s sister, bestie, daughter, business owner, connector, and curly girl!

Playing soccer and beach volleyball with my friends. Also my friends. 

WandaVision, What We Do in the Shadows, Barry, Veep, and Mythic Quest. 

False dichotomy, BOTH! 

Warmer weather, Emily Bear + Abigail Barlow, gold, and tarot.

What sets me apart



I lead with my empathy in everything I do because at the end of the day we’re all human and we could use a little grace - for others, and ourselves. You’re inviting me into YOUR world, not the other way around, so I feel it’s important to meet you where you are so I can capture even a fraction of the universe that is you with all the same love and intention as if it were my own.



There is a reason phones all have cameras now - photos are for commemorating all things big and small, ephemeral and timeless, one of a kind and every day... and all these things deserve to be shown in their best light! I think this past year has solidified this more than ever as we’ve felt time passing more acutely, that there’s so much in life worth celebrating and remembering forever. 



Have you ever noticed how someone's eyes light up when they're in their element, or talking about something they love? That spark is my favorite. There’s something so thrilling and intimate about entering someone’s world and witnessing how their passion brings them to life. That unbridled joy is what I love bringing to the surface, and honoring with every shot. Passion both fuels and defines my work!

trusted by

"You definitely won't regret it!"

"Renata is an absolute delight to work with. I am a published model and I've done photoshoots with a range of talents, none so comfortable and easy! She brought creative ideas to the table, was a natural with suggesting new poses and angles, and the photos of course are incredible! Flattering, lovely, and embracing entirely of a theme. But of course, the photos speak for themselves- so I'll just say that the process of making them was also a rare pleasure. You definitely won't regret it!"


 "recommend to everyone!"

I’ve worked with Renata a couple times now. We did a shoot together that got published in an Italian magazine very recently. She’s always been sweet, very detailed about her work, professional, and just a fun person to work with. I honestly love being able to laugh, and have fun during my shoots and we always do. I also loved that during Covid she made sure to take all the necessary precautions to make me as a model feel safer. I can’t wait to see what other shoots we do in the future and definitely recommend for everyone to work with her.


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